About us

Stayner Collegiate Institute (SCI) is a grade 7-12 school in Clearview Township. We have strong roots in the community and have provided a quality education to students in the area for more than half a century. Our motto is Knowledge Through Hard Work. The SCI School Council, which is composed of parents, school employees, and members of the community, exemplifies the collaboration between school and its community partners. SCI provides a variety of opportunities for students to excel in all academic pathways (College, University, Apprenticeship and Workplace) to achieve their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSD). In addition to courses within the SCI building, we provide additional opportunities to students to earn credits through:

  • Online courses
  • Alternative education plans
  • Dual credit courses, and
  • Experiential learning opportunities

Students are encouraged to meet with Guidance staff to make a personalized education plan to meet their goals for post-secondary.

The teaching staff at SCI consists of subject specialists who support students in the classroom and volunteer their time to provide extracurricular activities for students. The characteristic that makes this school truly unique is the personal attention that every student receives. The caring adults at Stayner Collegiate continually go the extra mile to ensure everyone’s high school experience is both positive and rewarding. The academic opportunities at SCI rival any school in the county, and we pride ourselves on our warm, friendly school environment. From the transition to high school to crossing the stage at graduation, SCI staff is there to support the academic, personal and mental health and well-being of each and every student.